Hyperacusis is a rare hearing disorder that causes sounds which otherwise seem normal to most people to sound unbearably loud. When wind chimes ring and sound beautiful to most people in the room, there is someone suffering from Hyperacusis. These people can be found burying themselves into the corner, covering their ears, begging for it to stop.

Other sounds that can be bothersome include a single shot from a firearm or the doorbell. There are numerous causes of Hyperacusis. One cause is operational ignorance by a machinist or factory worker who does not wear hearing protection. It can also be caused by listening to music too loud without hearing protection. Reports estimate that 40% of children with Autism have this disorder. Contact us today to setup an appointment to get your hearing checked. It is better to get your hearing checked before your symptoms worsen, which could potentially paralyze you during exposure to sounds in your everyday environment.