Important COVID-19 Announcement

Important COVID-19 Announcement
Please watch this important message from our physicians regarding COVID-19. Thank you!

"Good evening from us here at ENT &: Allergy Associates in Wausau, WI. We are reaching out to you tonight regarding the COVID-19 pandemic that is now becoming relevant here in North Central Wisconsin. We are fortunate here to have had time to learn from other countries and states that have had to handle this issue. It has become clear that social distancing or social isolation is the one way that has been proven to limit or slow the spread of COVID-19.

To this end, we as your local physicians urge you to stay home. Don't travel unless you have to, stay home and keep your kids home from school.

And in this spirit, we here at ENT &&: Allergy Associates will be rescheduling all non-urgent and routine appointments and we will rescheduling all elective procedures and surgeries.

We are doing this to limit the spread of COVID-19 and also to conserve vital resources for those here locally that will need them. will continue to provide care and be available to our patients with acute needs or life threatening concerns. We welcome your calls to our clinic with any ENT, Allergy, or Audiology concerns. As always, we will do our best to serve your needs during this difficult time.

And again, the most important thing we want you to hear tonight is that you need to say home. Please do your part to keep us all safe. Thank you for listening and be well."

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